You can print and perform any of my music for free, but if you do I'd love to hear about it.  Contact me for the individual parts at no charge if they're not included below.


Unaccompanied Viola:

Viola and Piano:

String Quartet:

  • After Ojai (4'18")  "listen" "see"  For weeks after the Ojai Music Festival the local oaks and sycamores resonate with Adams ostinati, Lygeti texture, and Messiaen birdsong.
  • Circus Divertimento (4'01")  "see"  A four-minute frolic 'neath the Big Top.  Trigger warning: Sad clowns.  Scrolling score:
  • Emma Wood (5'25") "listen" "see"
  • Folk Song Stew (3'14") "see"   Scrolling score is at
  • Fugue for Four Fine Friends (3'00") "see"  Not to be confused with "Fugu for Four" on the Sushi menu.  Scrolling score is at
  • Glass Is Melted Sand  (4'05") "see"   Scrolling score:
  • In Autumn (4'35)  "see"   Scrolling score:
  • Melon Collie Waltz (1'56") "listen" "see"
  • Oaks at Gloaming (3'00") "see"  Short but dense. Scrolling score:
  • Pentacle (2'47") "listen" "see"  What can you do with just five notes?  And how long will you wait for an e-minor chord?
  • Perche Mi Piace (4"28") "listen" "see
  • Petrichor (4'35") "see"  It's the smell of rain after a drought.  Scrolling score:
  • String Quartet Suite 1 (13'35") "see"  This is a pdf of the combined scores for Petrichor, In Autumn, and Glass Is Melted Sand.
  • Viola in Charge (4'24") "listen" "see"  Hooray for violas! 
  • Viola Plus Trio I (4'23") "listen" "see" 
  • Viola Plus Trio II (4'20") "listen" "see" 
  • Viola Plus Trio III (4'37") "listen" "see"  
  • The View from the End of the Pier (4'15") "listen" "see"   One can see a variety of scenes and activities from the end of the Ventura pier.  Tonal.  Sort of folk music or prayer-like. 
  • They're There for Their Theremins (4'48") "listen" "see" The Theremin is a rare electronic instrument you may have heard in science-fiction movies.  I attempt to evoke its quality through strings.  Imagine the musicians have lost their Theremins early in the piece.  They march to find them and succeed.  (Actually, I came up with the title first due to my annoyance with the frequent misuse of these words and then wrote the piece for it.)
  • Tango (1'42") "listen" "see"  Saludos a los Argentinos!
  • Sequoia (4'43") "listen" "see Foothill String Quartet played this at a museum reception in Dec '09.
  • Slow in Six (2'45") "listen" "see For beginner strings.
  • Wedding March (2'30") "see"  Something different to march down the aisle to.  Repeat as necessary.  See and hear the scrolling score at
  • 2008 #1 (1'56") "listen" "see"   For beginner strings.
  • 2008 #3  (2'38") "listen" "see"  For beginner strings.
  • 4&6 (1'44") "listen" "see"  Can you figure out why I named it this?


  • Acylindrical Helix (flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, trumpet, horn, timpani, strings - 5'14")  "listen" "see"  A helix has a constant angle to the horizontal.  "Acylindrical" indicates it has no fixed center axis.  This piece resolves to a-minor throughout (analogous to the constant angle) but it has time, tempo, and instrument variance (analogous to no fixed center). 
  • Adventitious Buds (flute, oboe, English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, two horns, trombone, tuba, timpani (four kettles), piano, strings - 7')  "listen"  "see"   They're the little buds that grow below a wounded or cut branch. Metaphor for perseverance, tenacity, regrowth after tragedy.  Also new friends made after a loss (best buds, hey bud how ya doin', buddy can you spare a dime).  Inspired by William Carlos Williams' The Locust Tree in Flower.  The sharp, short chords indicate injury but at least one instrument continues its sound through the insult.  New instruments enter in small clusters, slowly consolidating the ensemble.  Mysterious unorganized rumblings permeate as the underlying tissue regroups.  Further wounds test the organism.  Piano's regular sixteenth-notes coordinate progress.  Tympani solo announces a breakthrough.  Yet another trauma, but a quick cure precipitates the final major chord.   You can also see the scrolling score at YouTube link
  • Aurora (Dawn) (flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, trumpet, horn, timpani, strings - 3'12")  "listen" "seeA lone flute gently signals the impending sunrise.  Soft lower strings awake with minor harmony.  Oboe objects.  Other woodwinds argue groggily.  Brass complain.  Tympani tries to referee.  They all finally resolve and exult as the sun appears.  Intensity rises as the sun soars to a new day!  (Um, maybe that description is a little too dramatic.)
  • Bonneville (string orchestra - 3'24")  "listen" "see"  I wrote this after seeing a documentary on the salt flats.
  • Misadventures 'neath a Cloudless Sky (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, tympani, strings - 4'54") "listen"  "see" The rambunctious introduction punctuated by bass pizzicati and percussive outbursts leads an array of feisty phrases until the tympani demands calm.  The pleasant melodies in the second half are ultimately overcome by the intro's dissonant reprise.
  • Thomas: Call and Response (orchestra - 6') "see" The scrolling score is at
    Inspired by the tremendous effort during the Thomas Fire by so many agencies, the title refers to the legion of responders' gallant actions.  It attempts to convey the skill, determination, logistics, and bravery of the monumental organizational enterprise mounted against a massive disaster during a period of chaos, frustration, anger, and, ultimately, tragedy.  It begins as a rollicking march to battle and ends as a somber march evoking loss of lives and property.  Though it ends on a c minor chord, the emphasis on the dominant note aspires to balance grief with hope.
  • Snake River (string orchestra - 4"25") "listen" "see"  After a visit to Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming in 2008.  Don't let the chorale-like intro fool you; this snake will bite!
  • March (string orchestra - 3'25") "listen" "see"  I always wanted to be in a marching band, but they didn't have violins in the marching band.  So I wrote this, even though it will be hard to march while playing it.  Ojai Sinfonia played this in Nov '08 (while seated).
  • Old Garden (string orchestra - 4'40") "listen" "see" Ojai Sinfonia played this in Nov '08.
  • Jocularity (string orchestra - 3'52") "listen" "see"  Listen for contrasting melodies in different keys.
  • White Keys (string orchestra - 2'57") "listen" "see

Solo Piano

  • As Was (3'9") "listen" "see"  Scrolling playback:
  • Bevanesque (5'11") "listen"  "see"  Bevan Manson is a great pianist and composer; both jazz and classical. Here's a piece in which I try to blend jazz and classical, inspired by one of his recent recitals. It's being performed here by Finale 2010b through the Garritan Steinway VST. 
  • Hyperbole (3'48") "listen" "see"  How do you pronounce it? 
  • Lantana (4'12") "listen"  "see
  • Tango Pa' Mis Primos (2'44") "listen" "see"  Para mis primos estudiando piano en l'Argentina. ¿Pero mirá, ché, que no te lo hice facil, eh?


  • Be My Honey(bee) (SATB, tuba - 2'17") "listen" "see"  scrolling score:  A jazzy tune for choir and tuba.  Performance suggestion:  Tubaist tubist Tuba player can wear a bee costume (a la John Belushi), or at least the antennae.
  • Brief Time in a Vast Space (mezzo-soprano and classical guitar - 9'11")  "listen" "see
  • Horse_ebooks (solo alto voice and piano - 2'01") "listen" "see"   This is a work-in-progress pending authorization from the lyricist.  Check out
  • Kubla Khan (SATB - 4'24") "listen" "see" scrolling score:  My music to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem. 
  • Until We Met (SATB - 3'04")  "listen"  "see" scrolling score:  A love song for choir.
  • Observations on the Ventura Pier (SATB choir and string orchestra - 7') "see" "lyrics"   I previously wrote the string quartet "The View from the End of the Pier" and subsequently expanded and added lyrics.  You won't hear actual words being sung (just ahs) so look at the scrolling score at  The sustained tones about two minutes in are background while kids shout out various sightings.  This might go well as a multi-media event accompanied by pictures of the pier and its surroundings. 

Other chamber music

  • After the Trout (violin, viola, cello, bass, piano - 5"03')  "see" Also, hear and see the scrolling score:   It's the same instrumentation as Schubert's famous quintet, so as long as you're already on stage, go ahead and play this "after the Trout."
  • Alliance (violin and viola - 2'20") "see"  Scrolling score: 
  • BC&SQ#1 (bass clarinet and string quartet - 5'25") "see"  Scrolling score:
  • 'Cellegro for Dr. Foy (cello and piano - 2'02") "listen" "see"  Dr. Janice Foy is a fine 'cellist  who's been a great encouragement to me.  You can learn more about her at
  • Into Dense Air (Pierrot ensemble: flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano - 5'40')  "see"   Scrolling score:
  • Katrina's Request (vln 1, vln 2, vln 3, vln 4, vla, cello - 2'53") "listen" "see"  Katrina requested something with solos for each fiddle.  Ventura College Chamber Group played this in December 2010.
  • Maroon (violin and cello - 2'07") "listen" "see"
  • Pittosporum (piano, bass, drums - 4'54") "listen"  "see"    How do you pronounce Pittosporum?  You'll hear options at about 3'15".  It's a pretty shrub with a funny name.  
  • Sorta Kinda Gypsy-ish (violin and cello - 2'48") "listen" "see"  I believe the title is self-explanatory.
  • Tango Para Dos (violin and cello - 1"56") "listen" "see"  The same Tango as the quartet, but arranged for violin and cello.
  • Tear for Two (violin and cello - 2'11") "listen" "see"  
  • Violas on Broadway! (four violas - 7'3") "listen" "see"  It's an overture to an as-yet-unwritten musical, previewing the themes to be heard in more detail later.  The individual song titles appear on the score.  I've attempted to distribute the leads among the four instruments.  So, to promote equality and avoid the hierarchy associated with a number sequence, I've identified the four parts as Do, So, Re, and La rather than one through four.
  • Waiting for Cello (two violins and one viola - 3'20") "listen" "see"  Sometimes the cellist is late for string quartet rehearsal.  The rest of us can play this while we wait.

 Miscellaneous (not music)

  • Good Grief, Raul!  "see"  Not a composition.  Well, it sort of is.  The teacher gave us a melody and we had to harmonize it and analyze the chords.  That which looks like a European seven is actually an "F" (and not the musical note F!).  I transferred to mechanical engineering soon after this.
  • High Flyin' Flag "see" Not music, but a prize-winning essay I wrote about a childhood musical experience.  Teachers have such a huge influence on us.
  • In the Piano "see" Not music, but a short story I wrote where a Chickering has a major role.
  • Stringmobile - not a composition, but a picture of a decorative use for used strings.  "see".  Cuerdas viejas need not die.  They can evolve from performance art to visual art (and thereby stay out of the landfill).  As the assembly hangs in my office, I see color, texture, form, space, shape, and line, plus the added value of memories of performances (including a few wrong notes) continuing to resonate.  And, like a stalactite, it grows every year, as it’s augmented by the veteran Dosorela string quartet retired from my viola.  (I originally wrote: "Hanging in my office, I see..." but that may have been misconstrued.)
  • Raquel's Interview  "listen"  Not a composition, but an interview with my mother about early days of the Tango.

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